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[IP] dad's pump approved

Hey, I'll try to be brief (not my forte). My dad, 40 yrs T1, has been
trying to get a pump since the middle of summer, which I'm not complaining
about. My dad is legally blind and playing with my 508, he could do
everything except check for air bubbles. Of course Medicare wouldn't
approve the 508 but he could get a 507. I worried about his ability to be
independent when Wayne (I think) told about the self adhesive footie things
on the buttons to help him bolus through clothes. I knew that would solve
our problem! Today I talked to our minimed rep who said the insurance is
questioning whether he'll be able to "Handle" the 507 because of his vision
problem? Bureacracy at it's finest. I told her Wayne's (boy,  I hope that's
your name!) solution and she said she'd try to pitch it to the insurance
company for my dad. She did and they approved it and it was shipped today!
So thank you, thank you, thank you! If it weren't for this list and you
good people, my dad wouldn't even have the opportunity to pump! I am so
excited for him! Lynn

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