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Re: [IP] Horrible diabetes

Hi Lynn
What kind of pump do you use?  I have some extra pump supplies from my
Disetronic I would be glad to share-also what kind of meter do you use?  Let
me know perhaps I can help-I know what a worry it is - my husband has had 3
different jobs since December and the burdon along with the arguments and
incredible amount of paperwork is overwhelming.   Take Care  I think your
message was right on.   Carol Teal
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From: Lynn M. Newberg <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2000 9:45 PM
Subject: [IP] Horrible diabetes

> I've been following this thread and agree with pretty much all of you.
> it stinks to have a chronic, incurable, degenerative disease. Boy, am I
> thankful for all the new treatments that have become available over the 28
> (happy anniversary to me) years I've been type 1. Gee, would I like a
> vacation from it? You bet! And yes, I do sometimes resent people's
> like, "oh. I could never do that!" and then I remember people sometimes
> need educating and I simply tell them the alternative is death, and not a
> quick one either... And sure I've had people, even in my own family, not
> like that I test my blood where ever I am. "I test my blood to stay alive,
> YOU have the option of turning your head." Every day I am grateful that I
> am living in an era where I can expect to live a full life with diabetes.
> Every day I wish I were not dependent on so much work to keep my body
> healthy. Every day I am grateful that my disease is managable, when so
> other's aren't.  Every day I wonder where I am gonna get the money for
> month's health insurance so I can keep on pumping. Everyday I'm grateful
> that my rebellious teen-age years didn't manifest itself into
> complications. I envy some of you with such clear, unwavering strong
> opinions about your diabetes. I am not so unconflicted. Yet I am certain I
> have gained more from diabetes than it has taken from me. I've learned
> responsibility and consequences and respect and initiative and consistency
> and humor helps everything and persistence and sticking up for myself and
> trusting myself. You see, I have watched diabetes eat my father alive and
> EVERY DAY for the last 40 years of being type 1, he has never once given
> up! At age 63, blind, charcot feet, 8 year old kidney spilling protein, he
> is fighting medicare for a pump because it might help him keep his kidney.
> We talk about my pump and his hope is I will stay well enough for an islet
> transplant. He STILL has hope for a cure in his lifetime. So, don't try to
> convince this isn't one bad a** thing to have, but do continue to
> me to keep on fighting the good fight. Lynn
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