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Re: [IP] Re: Restrictions b/c of D

On 9 Oct 2000, at 15:21, email @ redacted wrote:

> <<<randallapex wrote:  The catch is that we are still discriminated against.  
> And it's legal 
> government endorsed discrimination, courtesy of the establishment.  Try to 
> buy health insurance and you'll quickly discover that you are a member of a 
> persecuted minority.  

I'm in California.  Last fall, after I had given notice at my employer 
and while preparing to work for my husband's company (sole 
proprietorship), I got the diabetes diagnosis.  We'd been working on 
getting a group health insurance plan for our little company and this 
sent me into a panic--would I get coverage?!?!?

I found out that in California (and I KNOW I'm going to quote this 
regulation *wrong* but I'll get the gist of it right) if you have NOT 
been without coverage for more than X months (I *think* it's 1 year, 
but could be 6 months, I can't remember now), then they cannot 
deny coverage of the "preexisting condition".

Seems like a strange rule to me--why can they deny you if you've 
been without coverage for longer than X months?!?  Sounds like 
some kind of compromise thing that the policitians worked out. 

But still it meant that my new diagnosis would be covered, I could 
quit my old job and not worry about that aspect of it.

Lke I said, I know I've quoted this regulation slightly wrong, but I 
wanted to make sure that other Californians know that there is 
something they can fall back on and can look into if needed.

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