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Re: [IP] Okay - I'm rejoicing!

J Hughey wrote:
> So, due to all the positive threads about how
> wonderful DM is, I think I'll rejoice at the future of either dialysis or a
> transplant. Y'all go about your happy business while I take a moment to @.
> Let me hear how happy you are when things change for you.
> I am rejoicing for YOU - but not for my
> own circumstances. Before you flame me for the dread of my future, let's
> trade moccasins. (~_^)  I'd rather laugh - it's too easy to cry at the type
> of an @. YMMV

Jan, I'm really sorry that your kidneys are deteriorating.

But I think you're misinterpreting  and misjudging. I don't think ANYONE
thinks diabetes is wonderful -- at least *I* haven't seen any messages
to that effect.

I think a LOT of things suck. I have a LOT of health problems, and don't
like any of them. I live with the awareness that I could drop dead at
any time without warning. (Dropped and almost died at age 44 -- it could
happen again, and I might not be so lucky next time). 

So what am I going to do about it?

I HAVE cried about it, and OK, now what?

Sometimes I DO want someone to hold my hand and say "poor baby", but
after that, then what?

So please don't tell me about how I'll feel when things change for me --
I'm not so "healthy" as I might seem, and still, I'm really
concentrating on dealing with it and making the best of it. 

And I've canceled my life-insurance. I'm spending the money now, just
for pure plain fun!!!!
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