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[IP] Re: Restless Legs Syndrome&PNLMD

I and my family have personal experience with RLS and the frequently 
accompanying periodic nocturnal limb movement disorder.  Klonipin was 
somewhat effective, but insufficient in the long run.  I finally was 
desperate enough to spend a night in a sleep lab and the results were 
significant.  6 1/2 hours of sleep time with 9 full awakenings, 9 partial 
awakenings and an average of 50 "characteristic" leg motions per hour. 

As the test might suggest, I was chronically sleep deprived, exhausted and so 
irritable with everyone and everything around me that I could hardly stand 
myself.  The antiparkinson meds have returned regular sleep to me.  There was 
no rebound for me, though this is a problem for some.  My understanding is 
that rebound in the daytime can be treated with a twice a day schedule.  My 
mother is on a twice daily dose schedule.  As with many medicines, not all 
are desirable nor effective for all users, even with the same symptoms.

It has been a blessing for diabetes management.  When my sleep is disturbed, 
I often try "comfort" measures...(ie FOOD) to try and help. (Yes I know 
better, but my resistance to food is quite low at 2,3,and 4 am)  Now my sleep 
is FAR less disturbed and there are very few middle of the night unnecessary 

You are welcome to email me personally if you like.  However, there is a 
reputable RLS organization and it has a website.  I don't have the website 
address at the moment, ....if you can't find it let me know and I'll find it 
again and send it to you.
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