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[IP] retinopathy and pumping.

On 8 Oct 2000, at 16:48, Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr. wrote:
> I must advise you however (and there are several members on the list to
> details) that tightening Bg control can worsen eyes.  

This is a new concept for me.  The idea that eyes *worsen* when 
you get tight control, that is.  I find it incredibly alarming.  I thought 
it was supposed to work the other way.

Could someone point me to someplace I can read more about this? 
 I tried searching the archives, but it wouldn't produce any results 
even for the word "eye" or "eyes" or "vision".
Try Entrez PubMed look up intensive insulin therapy and retinopathy or
hypoglycemia and retinopathy. this is an accepted fact btw it is not the
intensive insulin therapy and the lows that cause the progression according
to my eyeologist friends. many of us tnd to tighten control too much when
we start pumping causing frequent lows. the fact that the pump permits this
to be easy to acomplish doesn't mean we should do it. I got my A1c down to
6.3 but i also had a bleed after this A1c was accomplshed. Spot

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