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Re: [IP] Diabetes Horrible

This is all very well and good, but now emotions are again invalidated.  If
I get fed up with my SO or anything and I tell him I don't think he's doing
enough around this house, the last thing I need to hear out of his fat face
is; "Go do a blood test"--!!

Let us feel a bit put out by this disorder if we choose to. our emotions are
quite REAL and I hope to hear from you "Deal With Its" when YOU lose some
eyesight, or can't even see a doctor because health insurance is out of your
reach.  I'd like to hear from YOU when no matter how hard you strived, you
wind up in a Dialysis ward or something.

Right now, I'm still in decent health, but will NEVER put myself above
someone else who is feeling a bit down and tell them to 'just deal with it'.
It may be MY turn one day and I'd hate to think of being totally alone with
no support, so I try to give it now with a "Warm Hand".

I want to hear from YOU when your Husband walks out because "He can't cope"
with your diabetes---(Incidently, I'm a strong willed person and have had to
fight for everything because of premature related blindness from birth, and
have always "DEALT WITH IT").---

HE never had to do a thing for me, so it was nothing more than a 'cop out'
on his part. If I have to be "Thankfull" that I have diabetes, it is because
it has shown to me the intolorence from one to another.  It has been a study
in Human Nature.

Y'know, we're not always at a 'pity party' but how come we can't feel the
way we do sometimes without the "Get Over It" Brigade coming down on us?

I've heard a lot of complaints from the non-diabetic community with "Jeeze,
a bill came today and I haven't the money yet" Or, "I didn't sleep
well....Allergies, you know" or, "Wow, they're raising taxes on the property
again...."  I don't hear anybody telling them to "Get over it" or "Just Deal
with it".....They get; "wow, bummer." or; "Yeah, I know it's getting
rough"...signs of support.

This list is made up of over 2900 people so I've heard, and we should have a
right to B**** a bit, let us get it out and leave it at that.

No one is overtly sitting there feeling sorry for themselves, but damn this
is lifetime, and it gets tedious.  If we're made to feel uncomfortable for
opening up to fellow "Comrades in Arms (or pumps)" and can get no supportive
murmers in return, than what the he** is the point?

The word ACCEPT was defined to me once as; 'to receive gladly' in part.  No,
I deal with it, but am NOT Glad I have this. OK?
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.

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