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[IP] Re: Restrictions b/c of D

<<<He was an airline maintenance supervisor and was a pilot who owned his own 
plane - and at the time there were no exceptions for insulin using pilots.>>>

I didn't know that about pilots . . . Does anyone know which 
jobs/opportunites are legally restricted to IDDM?  Are IDDM's covered under 
the Am. w/ Disabilities Act?  I only thought the military and companies with 
less than 15 employees were allowed to deny IDDM's employment?  

I am thinking about this more and more since I should be graduating from 
college this spring.  I've already been worrying about interviews & just how 
much I'm going to divulge (I've decided nothing).  I know they aren't 
supposed to ask during the interview, but what about what they THINK after 
you get hired-- everyone's going to find out sooner or later & they're bound 
to react like everyone else (except now they are thinking, "How is this going 
to affect the company/office/whatever).  Now, I tell pretty much everybody I 
deal with daily, but it's just socially that I'm explaining what IDDM is and 
how I deal with it.  All my previous jobs were part-time or menial so I never 
had benefits & I would just until after I was hired to inform them that I 
needed a break for reactions.

<<<randallapex wrote:  The catch is that we are still discriminated against.  
And it's legal 
government endorsed discrimination, courtesy of the establishment.  Try to 
buy health insurance and you'll quickly discover that you are a member of a 
persecuted minority.  Many "health professionals" will mistreat you on sight 
because "you ate too much sugar" and are thus responsible for your medical 
condition.  Many of them are so far out of date they don't know what your 
meter is, much less how the pump works - yet they are willing to offer 
destructive advice and criticism.

I cannot get a CDL (commercial drivers license) and therefore cannot drive 
a church bus or volunteer to be a backup driver for the bus for a field 
trip.  In many states diabetics have trouble just keeping their regular 
drivers license.>>>
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