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[IP] eyes worsen

wombn wrote in reponse to Frank's
>  > I must advise you however (and there are several members on the 
>  list to provide details) that tightening Bg control can worsen eyes.  

>  This is a new concept for me.  The idea that eyes *worsen* when 
>  you get tight control, that is.  I find it incredibly alarming.  I thought 
>  it was supposed to work the other way.

Raising my hand....Check Page 12 of the 3rd edition of Pumping insulin:

"if you have moderate [or more severe] retinopathy, damage may temporaily 
worsen when you start on a pump.  ...believed to be triggered by a temporary 
rise in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)...in association with high 
levels of protein kinase C (PKC).  These factors cause the growth of new 
blood vessels......After 6-12 months of good control, retinopathy often 
stabilizes and may slowly improve....."

"....If your bs has not been great, your physician may advise that you 
gradually improve control during the first few weeks on the pump so that less 
VEGF is released."

Wish they had known this when i went on the pump.  I went from testing 1-2 a 
day to testing over 10 times a day...There was NO gradual for me...My A1c 
went from 13s to 6.9 in 3 months...and MAN did i bleed like a stuck 
pig...Finally....about a year into pumping, my EYE doctor told me to raise my 
target range from 80-120 to 100-150, to avoid the lows which seemed to 
trigger the bleeds.  which i did immediately.  FINALLY the new growth 
stopped.  I have had no new growth in either eye since 1994. All my woes over 
the last 6 years are due to the damage caused by those first two years of 
uncontrolled and extreme control on the pump.

Hindsight is what?  20/20?  wish I was.....

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