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 > Dear Wombn@ mindspring,
 > I too was a type 2 for 2 years, now a type 1, I went on the pump 3 years
 > ago, and it is so wonderful. I really watch my carbs, and very seldom take
 > much of a bolus(2-4u), although I have basals (4) that some consider
 > high. I can not imagine injections. My BS's are now between 70-116, with
 > a Hbga1c of 4.3. I eat lots of nuts, grains and low fat meats--Apple's and
 > Peanut butter are my treats. My chol, and tryg are great. My endo ordered
 > the pump and within a week MiniMed delivered it to my door and a week later
 > a trainer came for 2 hours and said well, since you are a nurse and it is
 > already on you, I'll just go over the basics. It was not until 1 year
 > later that this group of wonderful people taught me about intensive
 > therapy, and the importance of GOOD control. My endo is so pleased with my
 > A1c's below 6 for 2 1/2 years that he has GIVEN me a Glucowatch, which I
 > will be trained on this week! My insurance wouldn't pay for it. Be
 > involved, question everything, and you will be the happiest person alive
 > with this wonderful tool that we have. PS. everyone thinks its a beeper
 > and if they ask what it is--look out!! I should sell these things!
 > Debbie
 > Dx'ed 6-89> Pumper since 9-97

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