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Re: [IP] The rabbit died...

I am not diabetic but as a woman who has been pregnant twice, I am going to 
guess that this is your first pregnancy. Why?  Because the first thing almost 
everybody does when they find out they are pregnant for the first time (and 
want to keep the baby) is to review their behavior and circumstances for the 
past month to see if they have done anything that would damage the fetus.  
Your worries are normal, and I doubt that a couple of high bgs would have any 
effect on this baby.  I won't go into all the bumps along the way in my own 
two pregnancies, including first trimester things like a serious evening of 
partying with too many drinks, abdominal surgery, and special hormone therapy 
to keep the pregnancy going.  I know have 2 great teenagers with no problems. 
 As a doctor explained to me, most issues are developmental, so the fetus has 
to be exposed to unfavorable conditions over and over again, for there to be 
a real impact.  One day of a vitamin deficiency is no big deal; for the 
entire pregnancy would be another story.  I would guess that it is the same 
with blood sugars.  What about all the normal babies born to diabetic moms 
years ago without the sophisticated techniques we have today?  I don't know 
how much of a hassle it would be to go to a high risk obstetrician, but if 
you can swing it, go to one.  I live in the heart of Chicago and everybody 
goes to these guys for any reason at all; age, lupus (yes!) twins, history of 
miscarriages, whatever.  They really give a different level of care.  
Sometimes they can be too diligent, but 9 months of hell could yield a 
successful, full term pregnancy with a normal baby as a result.  
Congratulations on your pregnancy.  You sound like you will be a great mom.  
Keep us all posted.
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