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Re: [IP] The rabbit died...


Congratulations on the exciting news!!  I know it is overwhelming, but just
be positive and things will all work out.  I am 17 weeks pregnant with my
first baby and I have been on the pump for a little over a year now.  I also
live in Louisville, Kentucky!  I would not worry about the crazy numbers you
have had, but focus on the present and future numbers to work towards.  As
we all know, we are constantly learning about diabetes and how it effects
each of us.  There are good days and bad days.  Of course we want to keep
our numbers in the best control possible at all times and especially because
we are pregnant, but things happen.  There will be even more changes as our
bodies continue to grow and those hormones begin to flow!!  I got a referral
from my endo for an ob with "high risk" experience.  Things are going great
as I see each of them once a month and fax in my sugars to my endo every
week.  It certainly helps to have a good team working with you, so I hope
you can find someone in Bowling Green to help you.

If there is anything I can do, please let me know.  There seem to be several
people on the list who are pregnant.  I'm sure we can all help each other
through these exciting times!  I am worried about my health, my babies
health, how we will handle the financial responsibilities too.  It is all
normal to experience these questions, doubts and concerns.  The books will
help too.  Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

Stephanie McCrery
Louisville, KY
Type I - 10 years
Pumping - since 8.99

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