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[IP] pregnancy/pump ATT Marcia

My normal carb ratio is around 1:15, but by the end of my pregnancies it got
down to about 1:8.  At breakfast I even had to go to 1:5, if memory serves
correctly.  So yes, I too became much more carbohydrate-sensitive!

What worked best for me was not only adjusting my carb ratio, but also
eating less and less carbs.  I found that if my meal contained fewer carbs,
then even if the ratio was a bit off I wouldn't end up going too high.  It
felt strange to eat things like bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast,
particularly given how much one hears about the dangers of high fat.  But as
my endo kept assuring me, a few months of a high protein/high fat diet won't
cause heart disease!

Hope this helps,

Diagnosed '81, using Minimed pump since '94

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> So glad to hear your positive thoughts on pumping and pregnancy. I have a
> question regarding your insulin dosages. Now I am 25 weeks and am noticing
> the need to increase the amounts of insulin I am taking. More so with my
> boluses for meals. I know this is the "norm" Just wanted to know what
> happened with your amounts. Thanks!!     Leesa
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