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[IP] The rabbit died...

Well I broke down and did a home test Thursday night. Apparently I am pregnant.  Immediately I started thinking
about the 200's I had while adjusting to the pump.  I am only about three weeks, but I worry that I may have
already caused problems.
I was worried about how a pregnancy would affect me financially, but now all I can think is that I do want this
I called seven ob/gyn's on Friday trying to get an appointment. No one wanted a "high risk" patient.  I never got
to talk to an actual doctor, only receptionists who said that they usually "send people to Nashville".  Gee.  How
about a name instead of a city?? My endo is out of town, so I couldn't get help there.  I finally did find one
receptionist willing to give me an appointment.  I will find out Thursday if that doctor will actually keep
seeing me. As soon as I get paid on Friday I plan on going to the bookstore and stocking up on pregnancy books.
I would like to hear from the mommies out there. I am trying really hard now to keep my numbers around 80, but I
am worried about what I have already done wrong. But then I think, "what about all of those people who drink and
smoke and everything and still have healthy babies?"  Do I still have a shot?
Does anyone know any ob/gyn's in Bowling Green, KY would would lower themselves to see me??

Sherry C.
Worried, but happy in the massive city of Bowling Green, KY

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