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Re:[IP] Diabetes Horrible?

I can only say that this disease is brutal, horrible, and any other epithet
you can think of.  I thought this disease was no big deal since I had grown
up with it, knew no other life, and said so to friends and family because
that is what everyone wanted to hear.  I knew about the possible
complications but those happened to "bad" diabetics like the diabetics I
saw when I volunteered in the dialysis wards.  They all seemed so
incredibly bitter!  Maybe the bad attitude was why they "hadn't taken care
of themselves"?  What a fool I was.

When the first complications hit you it feels like a ton of bricks no
matter what your positive attitude was before.  All that self-denial about
one's condition often becomes self-blame -- if only "bad" diabetics got
complications, and I got complications, what does that make me?

All diabetics have a right to be angry that they have this disease.  What
we don't have the luxury or time to do is wallow in self-pity.  If we use
this anger and frustration to help fight for islet cell research, new
drugs, better/any diabetic insurance coverage, and better awareness then it
is useful.  We can do something about many of these problems if we act en
masse.  Pretending we are all "just fine" will not help wipe out this
disease, it will only help us sleep at night.  

Dave S.

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