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Re: [IP] Horrible diabetes


Have written about this same post, but pose the question that as a diabetic
for 44 years we all must get more pro active  with the general population
and rush for a cure and much more research from the federal government.
Therefore we as diabetic must get a united effort  with the A.D.A. to become
more just a soft mouth piece that has never done an good job for the
education of what diabetes really is . It is a disease of many diseases. So
as a diabetic I have come out of the closet and tell anyone that will listen
that what they may have hear this disease needs our money and research  to
find a cure. Like I have said since going on the pump. My life is better and
I control it. So now for of you that may think this is too strong for my
strong views about the A.D.A. I know from past dealing with. Just click of
this post. I  look at all post and see only the pumpers questioning and
asking for a cure. Today I was teaching a class and asked the young adults
about diabetes and all their answers were you have a pump so what its now
easily to live with. Boy did I tell about this disease. I only that it make
them think for the attitude was no problem the insulin does the trick for
us. So if this is the attitude toward diabetes from college and young adults
we are in big trouble for funding and research in finding a cure. Just my
venting and disgust with  the poor information and attitude of this society.

email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99

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