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Re: [IP] Transitioning to pump

>On 8 Oct 2000, at 16:48, Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr. wrote:
>> I must advise you however (and there are several members on the list to
>> details) that tightening Bg control can worsen eyes.
>This is a new concept for me.  The idea that eyes *worsen* when
>you get tight control, that is.  I find it incredibly alarming.  I thought
>it was supposed to work the other way.
>Could someone point me to someplace I can read more about this?
> I tried searching the archives, but it wouldn't produce any results
>even for the word "eye" or "eyes" or "vision".

OK,  After long term lose bg control; sudden tight control creates rampant
growth of blood vessels.  So you can always expect a drop in kidney and eye
health with sudden better control.  We don't know why.  Just another cruel
thing D does to us.

the good news is that after the first six months or so the tighter control
reverses the retinopathy and other ...opathies to a great extent.  Then the
...opathies stabalize.  So go for it!  A short term pain for a long term
gain!  I give my personal guarrentee on this one!


Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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