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[IP] Horrible diabetes

I've been following this thread and agree with pretty much all of you. Yep,
it stinks to have a chronic, incurable, degenerative disease. Boy, am I
thankful for all the new treatments that have become available over the 28
(happy anniversary to me) years I've been type 1. Gee, would I like a
vacation from it? You bet! And yes, I do sometimes resent people's comments
like, "oh. I could never do that!" and then I remember people sometimes
need educating and I simply tell them the alternative is death, and not a
quick one either... And sure I've had people, even in my own family, not
like that I test my blood where ever I am. "I test my blood to stay alive,
YOU have the option of turning your head." Every day I am grateful that I
am living in an era where I can expect to live a full life with diabetes.
Every day I wish I were not dependent on so much work to keep my body
healthy. Every day I am grateful that my disease is managable, when so many
other's aren't.  Every day I wonder where I am gonna get the money for next
month's health insurance so I can keep on pumping. Everyday I'm grateful
that my rebellious teen-age years didn't manifest itself into
complications. I envy some of you with such clear, unwavering strong
opinions about your diabetes. I am not so unconflicted. Yet I am certain I
have gained more from diabetes than it has taken from me. I've learned
responsibility and consequences and respect and initiative and consistency
and humor helps everything and persistence and sticking up for myself and
trusting myself. You see, I have watched diabetes eat my father alive and
EVERY DAY for the last 40 years of being type 1, he has never once given
up! At age 63, blind, charcot feet, 8 year old kidney spilling protein, he
is fighting medicare for a pump because it might help him keep his kidney.
We talk about my pump and his hope is I will stay well enough for an islet
transplant. He STILL has hope for a cure in his lifetime. So, don't try to
convince this isn't one bad a** thing to have, but do continue to encourage
me to keep on fighting the good fight. Lynn

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