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Re: [IP] Transitioning to pump

Hi.  Congrats on your determination to start pumping!

When I went onto the pump about 4 years ago, all I did was:

   * omit my morning shot of N+H.
   * show up at the Diabetes Teaching Center, (running a little high).
   * 'Slap' in a sof-set (this was before Sofserters), and start pumping.
   * Monitor, Eat, Chat, Test some more.
   * Go home and call in with numbers.

The transition for me was very easy.  My only advice is to have plenty of info
before hand for your endo. Bg, dose, carbs, etc.  This will help establishing
basals, as well as carb/insulin ratio(s).  I have found that the pump has stopped
the rollercoaster of hypos and rebounds associated with Nph.

I would not reccomend changing your current regime at all.  It looks like you
posses all the skills to successfully start pumping.  As for the need to revamp
your routine.  This is not an issue.  The beauty of the pump is that I can eat
what I want, when I want.  If I want to skip a meal, no problem.

I must advise you however (and there are several members on the list to provide
details) that tightening Bg control can worsen eyes.  Especially significant eye
complications, that you indicate.  This is something I suggest you discuss at
length with your Endo and Opthamologist.

Good luck,

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