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[IP] Re: DIABETES (comments from Sherry)

No Sherry, I will not "flame" you and I am very glad that you have accepted 
your diabetes and go on and make the most of your life.  Cory actually does 
better with the emotional side of diabetes than I do.  As a parent, I want to 
protect him from all pain, but this is not possible in life.  Kids get hurt, 
kids get sick and sometimes kids get chronic and or even fatal illnesses.  
That's just the way life is.  So I am beginning to accept that part.  But the 
daily ups and downs of diabetes are very hard.  To get a phone call from 
school that he is 37 or 49 or even 29 -- is FRIGHTENING!  I want that to 
stop!  We are currently and anxiously waiting for a pump -- with the hope 
that these situations will be eliminated. Friday, I went up to the school to 
sit with him until his blood sugar stablized and to see him sitting at his 
desk, white as a sheet, with his head down and all the kids starring at him, 
was difficult. I'm sure it is frightening for the other students too.  The 
class is disrupted once again.  The teacher has to stop and make sure Cory 
eats his glucose tabs and then try to keep an eye on him while returning to 
her duties and getting the class back on track.  Sure if this was only once 
in awhile it might not be so bad, but it was 3 times this week!  What 
happened?  We run through all the possible causes and can find no reason.  
Insulin was reduced on a daily basis, yet each day he was lower than the day 
before!  Can you honestly tell me that anyone can go about a normal life when 
this is going on?  We've reduced the insulin so much that he is now running 
in the mid 200's so we could start seeing ketones soon.  He was dx'd nearly 2 
years ago and this is the way his management has been from day one.  We are 
now on our 3rd endo and have gone through all types of training classes -- 
nothing works!  Maybe if the pump gets him more stabilized we will come to 
just accept everything as routinely as you do and that will be wonderful!  To 
be able to live a more normal life -- ahh what a blessing this would be.
Grand-mom to Cory
age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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