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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #537

Hello?  Is anybody really out there? ................I am looking for just a
bit of information on what all I will need to know before I get my pump. I
asked once about carbohydrates and how to go about learning all that I need
to know? Is their a book that can help ?I am looking at the Animas and
looking forward to talking to someone who has an animas pump. I have three
companies calling me right now and what I need is someone who can give me
hands-on help. With a husband and two sons I am hoping that this will not be
a change that will send our home in a tizzy? I don't know anyone personaly
that is using a pump so it is a bit scary. I am in the Jackson, MS area and
I am sure their is someone to talk to about all of this?

                                                  Waiting for my pump,
                                                           Gale K

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