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[IP] Transitioning to pump

Hi all:

I'm a type I diabetic (25/27 yrs) who is planning on moving to the pump.  I
switched from N-R to N-H a few years ago.  I am currently undergoing PRP
laser surgery in both eyes and have some macular edema in both eyes.  If my
eyes worsen I will have to take into account how much sight I need to
operate a pump.  As you can probably guess, this has depressed the hell out
of me.  Not enough to throw in the towel, but I am very tired of fighting
this disease.  

My current MDI regimen is as follows:

AM: 25 N, H as needed to bring down morning highs
Lunch: light lunch as N is peaking, optional H if sugars are high postprandial
Supper: H as needed (usually 4 U)
Night: 7 N, H as needed, usually none to avoid synergy

I am planning to switch to Humalog alone in a pump.  I test about 10 times
a day and my current averages are ~ 110-120 mg/Dl (last HbA1c 6.1, lab
"non-diabetic" is <6).  Of course I have to watch out for hypos at night
and before supper due to the N.  What pre-pump transition steps would the
list members recommend?  I really don't want to have a month or two of bad
sugars while I adjust.

I want stable sugars without lows and am currently eating planned portions,
carb counting, etc.  I am willing to completely revamp my mealtimes and
portions if that helps adjust.  Is there a good way of counting basal rates
in advance while on long acting insulin, or should one do "Humalog only"
every few hours for 24hrs to check?  I've got the _Pumping Insulin_ book
and am currenly going through it.

Thanks all,

Dave Shivak

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