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[IP] DM horrible disease - opinion

> I myself haven't met a single human being yet who doesn't have some kind
> ailment to deal with in their daily lives.  I for one intend to live the
> that God has given me to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it!
> Darlene

Oh, really? I sat next to a 78 y/o lady who had 9 children and proudly told
me she hasn't seen a doctor in 34 years. Have you really been interested
enough in those you meet to hear about their daily lives to know many do NOT
have some kind of daily ailment to deal with? Are you that sheltered that
everyone you meet has a daily ailment to deal with?

The best intentions (plans) often go awry. Let's hear from those of you who
enjoy DM when your vision goes from 20/40 to 20/400 in three weeks time and
stays that way for 8 months or longer. Let's hear from you when your kidneys
begin to fail and the panicked pleas. Let's hear from you when you have a
frozen shoulder and cry for help or plead for what can remedies? Please post
then how you are living your lives to the fullest and enjoying EVERY moment
of it. THEN is when the entire list will hear your pleasure in this bodily
malfunction.  Perhaps it isn't children who should go visit a nursing home
to see the results of some people who have deterioration caused by DM and
their gene pool luck to see if they want to enjoy every moment of that life
to the fullest.  Excuse me, but your happy go lucky attitude is for NOW -
let's hear from you THEN!

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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