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Re: [IP] Diabetes

On 8 Oct 00, at 0:33, Sherry  Nolan wrote:

> i was on a business trip all this last week and was spending my days with
> the client.  They brought us in meals and i bolused in front of them and
> none of them even blinked.  I even tested my blood sugar.  later i asked my
> coworker if he knew why they never asked me what i was doing.  his
> answer...because I am so comfortable with what i am doing it just didn't
> grab their attention. 

This paragraph is a wonderful summary of several years of discussion, 
argument and dissent on the list.  Many of us have waved the "Test Boldly" 
banner and have been criticized it.  I've been talking about this effect that 
you mention for several years - the key to testing in public is just to do it, 
as a matter of fact, without any fuss.  If you are confident, quiet, quick and 
comfortable, then it just passes under the radar of 98% of the people 
around you.  Those who notice may fall into one of the following categories: 
peer (maybe even a pump user!), friendly (has a close friend or family 
member who does this kind of stuff), curious (you know them - they'd ask if 
you had a different brand of cell phone too),and the rare hostile (they don't 
like the plates in the restaurant either, so they can be ignored).  

As you mentioned, when we are comfortable with what we are doing, then 
most people just accept it.  This is especially true in today's crush of 
technology - cell phones, pagers, two was pagers, PDA's, laptop computers 
and handheld games.  The junk we carry around just fades into the clutter...

> i am sure that I will get flamed by these comments and certainly by the
> next, but I have a hard time listening to people complain about things that
> at this point cannot be changed.

No flames, just a recognition that everyone reacts differently to the way 
things are going.  We have to understand that some people are hit harder in 
the emotional/identity zones by these things.  Complaining about things is a 
natural reaction to loss of control.  Ever hear sports fans complain about 
the way a game was played?  Same thing goes there and in politics...  we will 
complain (express our anger, disappointment and frustration) any time we 
are in a situation where we have no control and the outcome is not in our 

Cut everyone a little slack.  We need to do that for each other, because our 
shared condition doesn't cut us much slack and our families are under 
enough stress already just dealing with us.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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