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[IP] parenting teens with D/feelings

<Brian said,

<Like I always say the only people that can come close to what I feel with D >
<is other Diabetics (yet still noone can ever feel how I do and visa versa)  >

Hi all--
Brian's statement is sooooo true!  I've been reading all the posts about
how difficult it is for non-D parents to understand their teens, and the
posts about individuals' feelings about and ways to deal with diabetes.
I've been reminded of a humorous moment in my experiences as a mom with
diabetes, raising a son with diabetes.  

When Josh was going through ONE of the times when he was struggling and
feeling rebellious and not testing (etc.!), he looked me straight in the
eye and said, "You don't know what it's like to deal with this crap every
day."  Of course, as soon as he said it we both burst out laughing!  Josh
was diagnosed 16 years ago, but I was diagnosed 35 years ago, so I've dealt
with this crap for years longer than he.  However, the bottom line is I
DON'T know what it is like for JOSH to deal with this crap
everyday--because his reality and his life are different than mine.  

Whether you fight the big D yourself or you're fighting it for/with someone
you love, or both--all we can do is the best we can at being supportive.
We can't live in sonmeone else's skin.  And even if we could, most
teenagers would still let us know (at least once!) that we just don't "get
it."  That's the nature of the beast--bless each and every one of
them/you--they are figuring out their own way in their own lives and in the
world, and our job is to love them and help them grow.  

(I LOVE my two teenagers--who are becoming remarkably WONDERFUL young adults!)

Just my rambling $.02.

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming 

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