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[IP] Diabetes

 my turn.  please move on to the next message if you are getting sick of
this thread.


Ok in caps it looks daunting.   if i spent my days thinking about this
DISEASE and all the possible complications, all the possible things that
could suck in my life because of it, thinking about the what if's?  then i
would be an entirely depressed person.  actually depressed would be an
unbelievable understatement of how i would feel.  but why?

i am a person.  i eat, i drink, i live my life.  i get up in the morning, i
get dressed, i get in my car, go to work, and i do my day like any "normal"
person.  and what is "normal" anyway?  is normal not having to do something
while sitting at the dinner table in front of people?  then there are very
few normal people that i know.  My friends pop allergy pills, pop lactaid
pills, use inhalers, and nasal spray all at the table(the last i could do
without).:)  so why should my testing of my blood and using my pump make a

i was on a business trip all this last week and was spending my days with
the client.  They brought us in meals and i bolused in front of them and
none of them even blinked.  I even tested my blood sugar.  later i asked my
coworker if he knew why they never asked me what i was doing.  his
answer...because I am so comfortable with what i am doing it just didn't
grab their attention. and why am i comfortable with it?  because all this
stuff is as "normal" to me as brushing my teeth and combing my hair.  it is
stuff that i do every day.  i know that i probably come from a different
background then most of you.  i was diagnosed at age 4 and don't remember
not having diabetes.  i have just passed my 20 year anniversary and am
holding strong.  As of last week my retina's are still clear and my kidneys
are 'normal'.  I have been blessed with mostly good genes and dare I say
it...a little luck.  But my road to this point has not been easy.  my A1C's
have been all over the map and I had my rebelous years as a teen.  All I can
do know is look forward to what the future will bring.

i am sure that I will get flamed by these comments and certainly by the
next, but I have a hard time listening to people complain about things that
at this point cannot be changed.  i tell all my friends that if they don't
have a solution to the problem they are whining about then leave me out of
it.  in this case there currently isn't a cure so we should all do our best
to take care of ourselves until there is one.

(who has a cold, so the flames may come in handy)
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