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[IP] 504 plans and such

I work as a School Psychologist for a commission in NJ that deals 
with adolescents that are delinquents. About a year ago, I came 
out of my own closet...very few people knew at work knew I had 
diabetes, for an adolescent that was being sent to the secured 
facility and was on the pump. The facility was going to make him 
come off the pump for the year that he was sentenced basically 
because they did not understand it. I helped advocate for him to 
successfully stay on the pump. While doing this I came across 
some interesting articles.

Ironically, I find myself in a similar position now with the same 
secured facility. Because of several other psychologists leaving our 
system, I am needed to go into the facility on a more regular basis. 
In the past I would leave my supplies in the car (parked 1/4 mile 
away) and hope for the best. Now being on the pump, I don't want 
to do that. I started to get negative reactions to my request. I 
said that would discriminate against me and my abilities to do my 
job. I quickly drew up a 504 that I had several bosses sign it and 
now the facility has to let me have access with my meter, pump 
supplies and lunch. all previously denied. 504 is under the 
disabilities act and can be used in college and also in the 

If you email me I will send you copies of the articles I found most 

504 plan: this is written using an example of attention deficit 
disorder but the process of designing a 504 plan is the same.

Just for teens: An good article outlining the transitioning of a 
diabetic teen taking responsibility for their diabetes.

This can't be happening in our schools: An article about what 
others have had to deal with regarding schools and diabetic 

The articles offer good resources for parents.

There are many different levels of special education services and 
they vary greatly from state to state, but all must align themselves 
back with Federal laws. When talking about diabetic children that 
have no other disabilites they can use a 504 plan to assist with 
needs like a meter, absences, etc. To qualify for Special Education 
services a child must either have additional disabilities like a 
learning disability OR their diabetes must have adverse effects on 
thier educational performance.

I'll be glad to offer assistance with special education and 504 plans 
to anyone...feel free to email me privately.

email @ redacted
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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