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[IP] Re:Cry for help

Tersea asked: WHAT DO I DO??   WHAT CAN I DO?????    WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

Tersea,first let me assure you that you are not doing a bad job of parenting. 
 Loving and caring parents do check on their children and are concerned about 
whether they are properly managing their diabetes.  However, no matter how 
much you love and or check on Justin, what he is doing is not your fault!  
>From all I hear Justin is going through the normal teenage feelings. Teens 
don't want to be different for ANY reason.   A pimple, cowlick, being too 
skinny, or too fat (or their perception of either) having curly hair or 
straight hair -- ANYTHING can upset a teen!  Now as to how to manage this, 
I'm not really sure.  The first thing I suppose would be to have a good talk 
with him, which it sounds like you are doing.  Talk with the CDE about how to 
handle "public testing."  There are lots of small meters on the market that 
only require very small drops of blood and the "beep" sound can be turned 
off.  There are also small lancets now.  He's got to learn that sometimes we 
just have to do things whether we want to or not.  I would think that there 
would be a high chance that the endo would stop the pump IF Justin continues 
to refuse to test.  Without the pump, they might allow him to skip lunch 
checks.  I hope and pray that Justin will stop, think and listen to his 
parents and medical staff.  But no matter what happens, you remember this -- 
YOU ARE AN EXCELLENT MOTHER!  Please email me or IM me anytime if I can be of 
any support.
Grand-mom to Cory
age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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