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Re: [IP] Help!!

I usually snap the "bra Pocket" onto my sports bra.  I've put the almighty
velcro strip onto the pump pocket and a (soft) piece onto my bra undrside at
the side.
In my swimsuit, I have the nicity of a friend who sews, and she put a wee
pocket in my suit.

If you have room in the sports bra, place your pump under your bozoom in the
cup.  An earlier thread mentioned putting the pump into an infant's sock
beforehand, so the pump doesn't get too uncomfortable....This works.

As a rather "ample" woman, I can also park the pump between the bozooms and
the sports bra doesn't show any bumps.

Short of all that, have a friend or yourself put a deep pocket into the
sweats.  I have NIKE's sweatsuits and they have a 'slash' pocket at the
side, to which I've placed----yes, velcro, to the top to secure the pump so
it doesn't fall out during squats and bench presses.  Adidas and Wilson
brand also have pockets.

If weather permits, wear a pair of cargo shorts. The big pockets on the
sides are cool for carting your locker keys and pump, BG meter and such.  A
pair of cycle shorts underneath will protect your modesty as these shorts
are baggy.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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Subject: [IP] Help!!

> Hello... I am going to start working out at the YMCA next week, and I'm
> looking for some work out clothes, but I can't seem to find any that has
> pockets in those sweats, or do you guys have any other ideas. I hate to
> my pump on the waist, it's really irritating. Any ideas??? Thanks.
> Lyra and Faith.
> pumping since 5/18/00

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