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[IP] Starting pump on your own

We started the pump on our own as well.  I didn't want
to wait until the CDE appointment and she really
didn't know that much about the H-Tron+ anyway, I
could tell she was worried because most, if not all,
of her patients were put on the Minimed.  Anyway, I
read the manual and watched the supplied video and
then asked Michael if it was okay to start pumping. 
He wanted to start so we did and everything went fine.
 We're pretty much on our own as well.  I just think
it's ironic that it took nearly a year to get medical
approval for the pump and then another month or so to
get the insurance to approve it and then, when all is
said and done, they aren't really involved in it
anyway.  Pumping should have been our decision from
the start since we're the ones who are responsible for
it.  I think that's what I hate the most about a
chronic disease, you're at the mercy of people who
don't really know or understand what you're going
through but their decisions basically dictate the
tools with which you are allowed to exercise control
of your diabetes. It isn't fair.


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