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Re: [IP] (IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)

I understand how people can say, "deal with it," "eat healthy," etc.  But
you know, I would rather have the CHOICE.  Diabetes is not a CHOICE.  I
can't choose to eat healthy, I have to.  I can't choose to eat junk food all
the time, I can't.  

I totally agree with the point made about funding.  You know why diabetes
doesn't get the funding it needs?  Because when it kills people - WHICH IT
DOES - the cause of death is "heart disease," "stroke," "kidney failure." 
Unfortunately these things were caused by diabetes.  When my mother died
last year after fighting this disease for over 40 years, the cause of death
was listed, by our request, as "complications from diabetes."

And she always said, "This sucks."

That's just my opinion...

>From: Jennifer Sutherland <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] (IP) Diabetes horrible??  (My opinion)
>Date: Fri, Oct 6, 2000, 1:58 PM

>I think it is the complications that get to us, dear.  I was coping with
>quite enough growing up legally blind from birth already and then along came
>the 'betes.
>For something that is not our fault, we sure have to explain a lot to health
>For something that is not our fault, we have a lot more expense in our lives
>and some of us have even lost jobs over the diagnosis of diabetes.
>Other times I've met parents who bear an underlying resentment toward their
>diabetic child because of the expense and insurance costs have put a
>hardship on the family.
>I agree that there may be some good about it, as I wrote in before, but
>let's face facts here. It is the "polyanna" approach which is partially
>responsable for diabetes being last in the line for research funding,
>because many folks think we're "not REALLY sick" and that it "Isn't all that
>Whilst we may be able to cope with it and 'deal with it', I think the
>question should be; Why the hell should we have to?
>Yes exercise is popular, but when you want to go on a mountain biking
>expedition with your friends and have to prepare like you're going on a
>Jungle Safari, or have one of your pals have to call 911 on you because of a
>slight miscalculation on the carbs, or whatever, It gets a bit frustrating.
>I wake up everyday wondering if my foot feeling sleepy is because of the
>diabetes or just because I may have slept in a funky position. I wonder if
>the pain in my back is from the kidneys, or because I helped my buddy move
>yesterday.  If the pain in my eye is the prematurity related blindness or is
>diabetes about to take more away from me?
>No, at this time I don't have any diabetic comps.  I get worried and nervous
>though.  You sound young, healthy otherwise and that 'betes won't do a lot
>to you.  I pray you're right, and that you'll have a cure soon.  But I have
>had a lot of "Close calls" in my days and can't say that I want to keep THIS
>Pommy Mommy.
>Jenny S.
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>From: "Carrie Super"
>Subject: [IP] (IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)
>> I've read alot of postings here, where people are saying how horrible
>> diabetes is, and that it sucks.  I don't consider diabetes being horrible,
>> ok it is not that great but it's not all that bad.  It could be alot
>> What is so bad about eating healthy? Alot of people eat very healthy just
>> because its good for you!  What is so bad about taking shots or wearing a
>> pump all the time, to me it is just like wearing a pager.  Excersise, most
>> of the world does that is one form or another
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