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Re: [IP] Sleeping with the pump

> I have a question...where to put the pump when you sleep. I am an
> active sleeper and share my waterbed. I have visions of the tubing
> wrapping around my neck. Hi Gail,
I think we have all been through this!  There is no right or wrong
answer-just what works best for you.  As for me:  I also sleep in every
position possible.  I have found that clipping it to the front or side of my
"undies" works well.  Also-the longer tubing is alot more comfortable than
the shorter tubing.  The shorter tubing pulls ALOT.  You can also wear a
T-shirt inside out and put the pump in the pocket. As for the slack-I
loosely wrap it around my pump and tuck it under the clip.  Never had any
problems with delivery this way either.

> One more question...Does the tubing at the start right next to the
> pump always turn white from the bending or am I bending it to
> much?
This has happened to me on occassion. I have found out that if I don't keep
the tubing pulled tight then it won't turn white.  What I mean is:  if I am
wearing jeans-I make sure the tubing is not being pulled from the pump
tightly.  I let some tubing hang loose-this has stopped it from turning

Hope this helps

Mel and pumpy

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