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Re: [IP] (IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)

I have had diabetes for about 44 years and it is horrible. I would not wish
it on my worst enemy.  If I had been on the pump from the start it would
have been better but it would still have been horrible both for me and my
family. Whilst a cure would be a miracle isn't it time that the best
treatment for Type 1 (that is INSULIN PUMPS) was available for all, both
rich and poor, all over the world and not just in a few European countries?

Alan Reed.

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Subject: [IP] (IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)

> I've read alot of postings here, where people are saying how horrible
> diabetes is, and that it sucks.  I don't consider diabetes being horrible,
> ok it is not that great but it's not all that bad.  It could be alot
> What is so bad about eating healthy? Alot of people eat very healthy just
> because its good for you!  What is so bad about taking shots or wearing a
> pump all the time, to me it is just like wearing a pager.  Excersise, most
> of the world does that is one form or another.  Then there are people who
> don't want other people to know that they are diabetic, i don't understand
> why.  It is not contagious and is not anything that anyone should be
> of.  It's not our fault that we have this disease.  In my opinion it is
> nobody elses business what you are doing with when you poke your finger
> while out at a restaurant, or why that pager-looking thing is beeping
> everytime you hit a button.  If someone doesn't like what you are doing
> can either walking away or just not watch.  If somebody ask what i am
> i am happy to explain, i would much rather have people understand what it
> than to stand there and make an opinion of their own of what it could be.
> don't feel that my diabetes is a burdon, or a pain, or that is sucks.
> is a reason why i have it, although i will probable never know why, but it
> has made me a more responsible person over the years, i am alot healthier
> than most of my friends, i know how to control my wieght better than alot
> people, i am more knowledgeable about alot of things in the medical field.
> I am just thankful that there is a better way to help us manage our
> diabetes, and ok, yes there is a chance that most of us will have
> complications, but you could also walk out to get the paper tomorrow
> and get hit by a bus.  Life is very unpredictable, but if you live life
> thinking because you have this disease your life sucks, then it probably
> will.  But if you live life, accepting that you are just alittle different
> than the person next to you, and you are happy that you can still stay
> healthy even though you have that slight difference than you will be able
> live life to the fullest.  JUST MY OPINION!!
> Carrie
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