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[IP] Re: [IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)

>    I wouldn't wish diabetes on my worst enemy.  I am
> grateful that my siblings aren't diabetic.  I look
> back on my childhood and thank God, that I got parents
> who would move mountains for me.  I am a stronger
> person because i'm diabetic, I have lessons to teach
> the world because i'm diabetic, and I believe
> everything truly happens for a reason, but.......
> diabetes still sucks!  Just a thought.
> -Alecia

Alecia --

I'm in agreement with what you wrote.   It has make me a stronger person
just because of the barriers we had to break down to just reach the goals we
wanted in our life.  Even today when reading all the different posts, I look
at all my diabetic friends that are no longer with us today and I'm very sad
for a society that has done very little to improve the life and care of the
diabetic community.  I do agree that this disease is really bad.   From my
personal experience, I  have not gotten good paying jobs and also have to
pay more for life insurance just because of the diabetes.  At this time I
agree with always having a positive helps.  But it doesn't keep one from the
many side affects of  this disease.  I always feel quite bad when someone
tells me that they are diabetic and want them to learn as much as they can
for information keeps us alive.

email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99

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