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[IP] Energizer Bunnies

Hi, Bonnie.

>My experience in buying the 357 Energizers and I have bought them for over 
>5 years ... Not a single one, except those directly from MiniMed ... last 
>half as long.

Whoa! I've been using 357's for 6 months now. All of them have lasted 
precisely as long as the Minimed variety -- 6 weeks in my 507C.

The 357's I'm currently using cost $0.98 each and were purchased from 
http://www.wholesaleadvantage.com/  I have noticed NO difference between 
these batteries and the Minimed-branded variety. There _should_ be no 
difference, since Minimed does not manufacture batteries and has not 
contracted to manufacture one.

If the 357's are fresh, they'll do as well as anything Minimed sells.

>I have tried cheaper alternatives and they haven't worked for me.

They have certainly worked well here.

BTW, to keep batteries fresh after purchase (I buy at least 6 months of 
them at a time), store them in the fridge.

regards, Andy

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