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Re: [IP] Adult mentors

What area do you live in?  We have a 'teen club out here called "TOADS" and
they have all sorts of stuff for the younger kids.

I'm in Orange County, CA.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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Subject: [IP] Adult mentors

> Natalie wrote:
> <<I wonder whether there is an adult Type 1 in the area who might be
> willing to be her mentor -- not sit down for heavy duty lectures, but
> just spend time with her, and take her out to lunch and a movie, or
> ice-skating, or whatever she likes to do. Then she could see the adult
> DO this stuff as a matter of fact, not lecturing HER to do it, but just
> show her that someone else is doing it! With no muss, no fuss and
> I've often thought that the facet of diabetes care for children that is
> missing is contact with an older role-model. Parents who are not
> diabetic CAN'T do that. They can care, and learn, and love the child,
> and be there as a non-diabetic, but they can't actually SHOW the child
> what it is to live with diabetes every freakin' day!>>

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