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Re: [IP] Parenting a Teen with Diabetes.....

> Melanie writes such truth.  I have come to the same conclusion with
> my teen; get out of the middle and let a good medical team be her
> consultants.  Then your role becomes more supportive on the daily
> tasks.  This is closer to the role you would normally have with a
> non-diabetic teen.  It is important that teens be allowed to
> separate from parents as the developmental timetable dictates. 
> Anything the delays or thwarts the teen's efforts to separate
> (including diabetes) is a bad thing.  Great post and good stuff.

I second that thought and add ..... some teens get a little clingy 
when confronted with problems like diabetes management. I suppose 
this is natural. It's our job as parents to give them their 
independence, even it we must forcibly distance ourselves so they 
accept some responsibility. Granted, we must be sneaky about this so 
the teen doesn't notice, but it's our job to help them grow up to be 
adults that can take care of themselves. Doing it for them doesn't 
help. Instead we must teach our kids all we can about how to take 
care of themselves whether it be diabetes management or any other 
aspect of their lives.
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