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[IP] Could Just Scream

I was dropping Brynn off at the neighbors this week when the mom said to
me,"wait I have an article all about diabetes for you". This is someone
to whom I have explained Brynns T1 at length. I asked her what the
article was about and she said excitedly," it's about how they've
researched a tribe of native americans and proven that by eliminating
junk food from their diets they can eliminate diabetes. " I just stared
at her and thought to myself, she must think that we are so stupid that
we don't realize that if we would only "give up" junk food, Brynn could
be cured! To think of everything that we go thru in a day, when all we
have to do is stop eating junk food... I came to the conclusion that she
has not heard a word of what I have tried to tell her this past year.
To try and explain is a waste of breath.   Teresa pumping mom to Brynn 3

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