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[IP] Re: Sils/Tenders

Rodney Donahue wrote:

<<I use silhouettes, and have had trouble removing the introducer needle
inserting the set.  It seems I REALLY have to squeeze hard on the clips to
get it to release.  I actually had one set that would not break loose until
I took it back out and held both ends.  I got a replacement from MM, but I
was just curious to find out if any others have had similar problems.>>

I used to have problems removing the introducer needle, and I've heard
others in my pumper support group say the same.  We've pretty much decided
that we're squeezing too high (closer to the canulla) on the set, there are
indents for fingers and we squeeze back closer to them and it seems to come
out easier.  YMMV.

RoseLea (and Max)

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