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[IP] re:(IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)

<<<<<<From: "Carrie Super" <email @ redacted> 

I've read alot of postings here, where people are
saying how horrible
diabetes is, and that it sucks.  I don't consider
diabetes being horrible,
ok it is not that great but it's not all that bad.  It
could be alot worse.>>>>>>

I agree that having a positive attitude is important,
and that no matter what happens to me in life, there
will always be someone worse off than I am, but come
on...I worked my behind off and spent an incredible
amount of time and money to get my design degree.  I
have an amazing job and its in a visual field.  Aside
from my brain, my eyes are the MOST important thing to
my career, which I love, and at 27 years old, I've 
had about 20 laser treatments.  Everyday, I look at
technical drawings and realize that i see a little
"wave" that isn't really there.  Sorry, but hey, i
really think that sucks.  I am positive. I have seen
improvement in my peepers in the last year, but
they'll never see things straight again, and that's a
   I wouldn't wish diabetes on my worst enemy.  I am
grateful that my siblings aren't diabetic.  I look
back on my childhood and thank God, that I got parents
who would move mountains for me.  I am a stronger
person because i'm diabetic, I have lessons to teach
the world because i'm diabetic, and I believe
everything truly happens for a reason, but.......
diabetes still sucks!  Just a thought.

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