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[IP] (IP) Diabetes horrible?? (My opinion)

I've read alot of postings here, where people are saying how horrible
diabetes is, and that it sucks.  I don't consider diabetes being horrible,
ok it is not that great but it's not all that bad.  It could be alot worse.
What is so bad about eating healthy? Alot of people eat very healthy just
because its good for you!  What is so bad about taking shots or wearing a
pump all the time, to me it is just like wearing a pager.  Excersise, most
of the world does that is one form or another.  Then there are people who
don't want other people to know that they are diabetic, i don't understand
why.  It is not contagious and is not anything that anyone should be ashamed
of.  It's not our fault that we have this disease.  In my opinion it is
nobody elses business what you are doing with when you poke your finger
while out at a restaurant, or why that pager-looking thing is beeping
everytime you hit a button.  If someone doesn't like what you are doing they
can either walking away or just not watch.  If somebody ask what i am doing,
i am happy to explain, i would much rather have people understand what it is
than to stand there and make an opinion of their own of what it could be.  I
don't feel that my diabetes is a burdon, or a pain, or that is sucks.  There
is a reason why i have it, although i will probable never know why, but it
has made me a more responsible person over the years, i am alot healthier
than most of my friends, i know how to control my wieght better than alot of
people, i am more knowledgeable about alot of things in the medical field.
I am just thankful that there is a better way to help us manage our
diabetes, and ok, yes there is a chance that most of us will have
complications, but you could also walk out to get the paper tomorrow morning
and get hit by a bus.  Life is very unpredictable, but if you live life
thinking because you have this disease your life sucks, then it probably
will.  But if you live life, accepting that you are just alittle different
than the person next to you, and you are happy that you can still stay
healthy even though you have that slight difference than you will be able to
live life to the fullest.  JUST MY OPINION!!


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