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[IP] Thanksgiving Supper-HELP?

>My questions is what the best way to deal with the big supper is?  I need 
>some tried and true suggestions and hints? Should I bolus one amount I think 
>he will eat? Wait to bolus until the whole supper is over? Square wave bolus 

Here is one suggestion (I'm sure you'll get lots of others...):
Figure how much you think he might eat. Then give him enough insulin to
cover about 1/2 of that. Then at the end of the meal, figure out how
much he really did eat, and give the other 1/2 of the insulin, adjusted
up or down, depending on whether he ate more or less than you figured
originally. Then you don't have to worry about giving him too much up
front and making him stuff himself to cover all the insulin. And if its
a long meal, he will have some insulin in his system working, instead of
having his BG going up, up, up while waiting to finish eating.
Shane does this on occasion, because even at 31, his eyes are still
sometimes bigger than his stomach :)
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