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[IP] Thanksgiving Supper-HELP?

Hi Friends:  Here in Canada we are celebrating our Thanksgiving dinner this 
weekend and it will be our first on the Pump (for which I am sooo thankful!) 
My son is 4 and we have been pumping for 5 weeks.

My questions is what the best way to deal with the big supper is?  I need 
some tried and true suggestions and hints? Should I bolus one amount I think 
he will eat? Wait to bolus until the whole supper is over? Square wave bolus 

When we do meals now I know what he will eat and bolus him as he is eating, 
but I KNOW he will want to eat lots for that supper. In fact I would love to 
let him eat as much as he wants? He LOVES pumpkin pie.

So any help would be appreciated...also since I have you here...anyone who 
is using SILS, any tape tricks for covering the circle?  My active little 
one seems to loosen his tape after a bath.

Thanks!!! Happy Turkey Day!
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