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Re: [IP] cry for help, different story

Deborah wrote:
> Every time I try to talk to her about this she says "mom  you
> don't know what it's like to have diabetes, you don't have to do this
> stuff".  I don't know how to help her.

My heart goes out to this child and all the others who are struggling
with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Even though I wasn't diabetic as a child, I DO understand what Eve is
talking about -- I have the same feelings about not wanting to DO this
stuff -- just wanting to forget about it!!!!!

I wonder whether there is an adult Type 1 in the area who might be
willing to be her mentor -- not sit down for heavy duty lectures, but
just spend time with her, and take her out to lunch and a movie, or
ice-skating, or whatever she likes to do. Then she could see the adult
DO this stuff as a matter of fact, not lecturing HER to do it, but just
show her that someone else is doing it! With no muss, no fuss and no

I've often thought that the facet of diabetes care for children that is
missing is contact with an older role-model. Parents who are not
diabetic CAN'T do that. They can care, and learn, and love the child,
and be there as a non-diabetic, but they can't actually SHOW the child
what it is to live with diabetes every freakin' day!

Somehow the medical establishment and the school establishment deny us
the opportunity to help these children -- and I think a lot of us would
LIKE to help them. 

What can we do about it?  Suggestions?????
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