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Re: [IP] Surviving my doctor's visit

Sherry Compton wrote:
> Yes, I did survive seeing my doctor.  As I had known, his main thing was my 
> weight.  In one case, I had treated a low blood sugar, 62, right before bed time.  > He said I should have let it ride.

No, no, NOOOOOO!!!! Nobody in their right mind should let a BG of 62
ride, EVER!!!!  Is this doctor an idiot or something??????

Although a BG of 62 MIGHT be rising, you have NO way of knowing from
just one test. Now, if you thought it might be rising, (say, you had
eaten recently and thought that the food might kick in soon) you could
test again in a half-hour to see, but you NEVER just let it ride!!!! 

As far as weight, I have no idea what you weigh, but unless you're
actually obese, I wouldn't let a doctor browbeat you about it. Even Type
1 diabetics show the same different kinds of body shapes as the general
population, and we AREN'T all meant to be twigs. 

This insane fear of weight gain is the result of a hoary old-wives' tale
about obesity causing diabetes, and if you're a Type 1, what difference
does it make???   

Which is not to say that you ought to be a gluttonous couch potato, but
if you eat sensibly and exercise sensibly, then your body will take care
of your weight by itself -- and settle in where it's SUPPOSED to be!

> I have had waking numbers in the 80's-120's lately though.  Seems like a 
> miracle to me.

Fantastic!!!!!  Those numbers are exactly what we ALL want!!!!  :)  :) 

> Also, what about the last few weeks of rocky numbers I've had while 
> adjusting to my pump?  IF there is a baby, is it already damaged?? 

If you're pregnant, the baby probably ISN'T damaged. But you do have to
remember that about 25% of ALL pregnancies miscarry because of severely
malformed fetuses which couldn't have survived -- and the vast majority
of those pregnancies are in non-diabetic women. A lot of times, a woman
doesn't even know it's a miscarriage, because it occurs early -- it's
just a late period. 

The emphasis on strict control during pregnancy is insurance --
uncontrolled diabetics DO have a higher incidence of birth defects and
stillbirths, but nevertheless, it's NOT a given. So when you do get
pregnant, you do your very best, but absolutely NO guilt -- no one is
perfect all the time -- just ask the diabetic women who have had babies
-- NONE of them have been totally without highs or lows. 

Good luck! 
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