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[IP] Parenting a Teen with Diabetes.....

Greetings all:
   As I posted yesterday, after reading both Teresa's and Deborah's cries for 
help in this frustrating labyrinth called "parenting a teen with diabetes", I 
forwarded their stories to cyber pals. This is one of the replies I received, 
which will hopefully help not only Teresa and Deborah, but other parents who 
may be lurking in the shadows afraid to admit that they too are grappling 
with similar frustrations.
Can you get this message to those "Crying for Help" in the IP?  Parents of 
"Eve" and the 15 year-old boy?  Thanks.
Dear Fellow Travelers,
There has to be a place where your cries will be heard or you'll not know how 
to lift others when you are further along than they are in this scary 
journey. Since enduring my daughter's "sentence" on January 23, 1997 I've 
ventured into new depths of pain, misery, disappointment and grief that I 
never knew possible.  The helplessness of a parent unable to protect her 
child cuts right through the heart...even when that "child" is a teen 
rebelling against self care. I have no answers for you, but maybe some hope.
Sam was a perfect 13 year-old when she was diagnosed.  Once the bomb sunk in 
she gathered all of her stubbornness and fight and locked into tight control. 
 Before the "weirdness" of being different sunk in, I dragged her kicking and 
screaming to a Joslin Diabetes Winter Camp (only 5 days) where she met her 
solutes.  Though she has tons of non d friends, the Joslin kids are the ones 
who "get it". Months later, she met Renee's Melissa and voila!  She decided 
the pump is cool!  That was about 2 years ago, and just the thought of having 
to get back on the NPH rollercoaster terrifies my brave warrior. 
Next, I set about finding the most user-friendly, easy to access but renowned 
Pediatric Endo care within 500 miles. Over the past few years I transferred 
the "Mom In Charge" role to the "Team at your Service".  Her Endo, CDE and 
Lab gal are her confidantes and mentors. This afforded Sam with a Mom more 
like other kids' moms.  I've since learned that it profoundly interfered with 
normal adolescent separation tasks when she thought I held the key to her 
Anything you can do to ally your child with experts other than yourself will, 
I think, give them breathing room and free you to just love.  
Oh, and by the way, I didn't just whine, I wept, hollered, gnashed, 
flailed....and was therefore heard and found by internet goddesses of 
mercy...from coast to coast, I was lifted and consoled, guided and mentored.  
I've met each of the goddesses "in the flesh" since then and count them 
amongst my most precious friends.  No one can empathize unless they've 
suffered.  I empathize with you.
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