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[IP] Bolusing in front of people

Sheila, I have a MM 507 and almost never look at the pump to bolus. 
The easiest way to do this is to go to a hardware store and buy the 
smallest round plastic bumpers or feet.  The ones i use are about 3/8 
in diameter and half that in height.  The are self stick, and I put 
one on the audio bolus button and another on the ACT button (i only 
use 2).  You can then feel the buttons through almost anything and 
bolus easily.  It is very easy,and the sticky glue doesn't do any 
harm to the pump (at least after 2 years).   It really does work.

<<<<<<<For the kids and adults that don't like to bolus in the presence of
Can't you bolus without looking at your pump?  I know I can with my H-tron
Plus.  The raised buttons help me feel it through my clothes so I can press
them with out taking it out. Yes it beeps, but most of the time I don't even
have to take it out of my pants pocket.  (I wear a lot of cargo shorts or
overalls)  And in some where like a cafeteria I doubt anyone else would hear
it unless they were listening for it.  Doesn't one of the MM pumps vibrate
or have a remote?
Can these be operated with out looking at it?Just my .02
Sheila Morris>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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