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Re: [IP] Growing Child

Are you worried that Kap feels low when he's high blood glucose? That is the 
unfortunate symptomology we live with. What can we compare to a mother's 
love? You bear all the anguish of the disease. If its not every day then 
don't change the basal. Here's my suggestion and it is what we design 
engineers do when our million transistor circuits aren't doing what we 
designed them to. We let it run and gather information. Just gather 
information and define what exactly it does. Thats all. Don't go on to the 
fixing it stage until you know what its doing. Our bodies are less understood 
than computer circuits, you know. What do we know so far about diabetes and 
insulin therapy applied to Kap's body? 1. Shortly after 2am his blood sugar 
rises. Well, I myself more than double my basal rate before the dawn 
phenomenon. Here's my last idea from my typical problems. There are usualy 
more than one ways to skin a cat. So I take one corrective measure and I also 
take a second corrective measure just to be sure. Well, with diabetes we 
can't afford to overcorrect. Its a balance we attain. Example: I don't want a 
reaction while I run. I suspend insulin for 3 hours ,OR, I run on a full 
stomache. For my first 5k race I did both with predictable though sadly 
unanticipated results.
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