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Re: [IP] cry for help.....(long)

> Teresa  (mom to Justin - 15   dx'd 8/98, pumping since 8/15/00)

Teresa --

 By you coming on this list and explaining what is happening with your son
is admirable and in no way telling me that you are not a very caring parent.
Some the actions that your son has taken surely could hurt his future
health. I,  for just one person with diabetes that had to go though most of
the grade,middle and high school,  have always had the idea that I, as a
diabetic,  was always treated a little different and always was trying to be
as normal as possible.   But unlike, Justin I had a twin also a diabetic so
we always were with our friends that never treated us any different than the
others.  What I learned from this was that I'm a worthwhile individual that
has the same goals as my friends and went for what some health care people
like nurses and doctors didn't want me to do. From one of my coaches I got
the best advice that I use even today --that advice was to set goals
whether its to improve your skills or understanding of the problem you could
be facing. What this man always did was, in a very caring way, show how your
actions were hurting your achievement . It was never you as a person that
was bad.  And for me, as a diabetic  today,  I have many battles with
emotional effects of the disease.   It has given me as a counselor and
emotional handicapped teacher a good understanding what students are facing
in our schools today.   By all means keep the communication open and let him
help to take control. I, as a teenager,  pushed what I thought was right and
told the nurses and some very bad teachers don't scare myself and my twin.
I'm my own person-- you have no real understanding how I am feeling.
Therefore--I don't need any comments from an uninformed person.

Hope this helps you cope with this problem.

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Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
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