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[IP] Re: Sad, Mad and Discouraged


>Part of Tim Garner's reply to my original post was this message:
><<The fact that you did not know the endo was on
>vacation tells me that you weren't calling often enough>>
>My response to this is that I am very hurt that I have been so misunderstood.
>  I thought this board was supposed to be supportive.  To tell me I wasn't
>calling enough means you didn't listen!  Look at my statement again -- notice
>that I called within every time frame that I was given.

Sorry, didn't mean to insult or upset you.  I guess I was just 
extrapolating to my own experience.  Had I called more often to 
Disetronic, I would have found out sooner that the person responsible 
had gone on vacation, and I would have found out sooner that the CMN 
fax had been temporarily misplaced.  I would have had his pump a 
month sooner had I been able to keep up the pressure better.

><<In the meantime, you can do carb counting with MDI.  If someone took
>away Trent's pump tomorrow I think I would just use R and H and do
>injections every 2 or 3 hours on an indefinite basis.  Even with the
>pump I have to check BG's multiple times during the night, so giving
>injections would be doable>>
>We have done carb counting since day one -- we weigh, measure, read nutrition
>labels etc.  We make insulin adjustments as needed and he uses extra carbs to
>treat lows when needed.  BUT when you have 5 hours between am NPH injection
>and lunch that NPH is peaking because it is ready to cover lunch.  Even
>though he has a midmorning snack, he is often going low about 15 - 30 minutes
>before lunch time.  Lowering the NPH (even by 1/2 to 1 unit) will result in
>afternoon and evening highs.  We have been juggling this for over a year and
>a half and believe me it doesn't work!  Both Cory's former and current endo
>as well as his opthomologist, allergist and peditrician say we are doing a
>wonderful job -- it's not us -- it's the insulin,  his allergies/asthma and
>This is not a good day and I don't need someone to tell me that all of these
>problems are my fault!

I did not mean to blame you; I'm sure you are doing everything you 
can and then some.  Again, rightly or wrongly, I blame myself when 
Trent's numbers are off mainly because I don't have anyone else to 
blame.  I did the best I could with NPH too, and had trouble.  In 
retrospect, I should have given up on it and just used multiple doses 
of H and R, R for the basals and H for the boluses.  But I would not 
want to tell you to do that without the endo's backing.  Having the 
endo on your side is worth alot -- almost against my better judgement 
I waited 2 weeks for the endo to get back from vacation before 
starting Trent pumping insulin even though I had the pump and was 
pumping saline -- for no reason other than wanting to build the 
relationship of trust with the endo.

Again, sorry to have offended you,
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